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Scout Memorial

Location: Beskydy, Czech Republic

Ivancena is stone memorial in Beskydy which was built in the memory of scouts, Vlada Cermak, Vlada Pacha, Milan Rotter, Quido Nemec, Otto Klein who were killed by Nazis in April 1945 in the Polish town Cieiszyne.

The memorial was build in 6th October 1946 by members of 30th group Junak from Moravia. This group created mixed group with girls and called it TOM4312 Tricitka a Dvojka. Members of this group come here every year. Originally there was a small wooden cross as a memory but later tourists, tramps and scouts were adding more and more stones. In 1948 the communists prohibited Junak (the scouts). From that moment this memorial was not just about Nazis but also about the right to freedom. Many different types of people were now coming here to express their feelings.

The “Prague Spring”, 5th January 1968 where Communist reformist Alexander Dubcek brought a short restoration of Junak and they started to organize hikes with thousands of people.The Soviets invaded the country on 21st August 1968 and the Communists who were afraid of those hikes, tried unsuccessfully to stop them. Not until after spring 1990 (the Velvet Revolution was in 1989) were those hikes freed from restrictions.

In December 1994 the memorial was partly destroyed by unknown vandals. Pavel Zenaty received funding to move the memorial and rebuild it. On Sunday 27th October 1996 a memorial was placed on the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Cieszyne. From that time this is a part of every year ceremonies with the hike to Invancenu. During 2017 reconstruction of Ivancena was finished. Every year around Saturday 24th April all scouts from Czech republic go there, day after all tramps meet there as well.